Imagine Harmony is a series of six lessons (Part I through Part VI) beginning with relaxation and culminating in conscious control of physiological and psychological responses to daily life without the risks associated with pharmaceuticals. The system harmonizes the mind/body/soul structure (whole self) facilitating greater conscious control of autonomic functions, psychophysiology, and gene expression. Imagine Harmony is an enjoyable stress management program using breath work, chi and health awareness, meditation, the parasympathetic nervous system, and therapeutic imagery to access the Subconscious controls of the mind/body and gene expression to create perfect health, happiness, vitality, longevity, and harmony. It combines science and spirituality without drugs, dogma, or superstition, and at its core is a fun practice that we call Medimaginosis.

Medimaginosis is an omni-denominational meditation/imagery/wisdom driven wellness practice that directs the mind, body, and soul to manifest harmony and to evolve as one cohesive, synergistic unit with perfect health, happiness, vitality, and a life expectancy far in excess of the current concept of POSSIBLE.  Medimaginosis is made up of three syllables: Medi – for meditation, directed concentration, and focused attention: Imagi – for imagine, visualize, assimilate, or immerse: And Nosis – for knowledge, belief, and wisdom. Nosis is a Greek word meaning, “to know” or believe as used in the words prognosis and diagnosis. It is the power source that supplies the energy to act on imagined concepts. The practice is based on the results of scientific research and the documented physiological responses to over two thousand years of meditative practice. It begins with the familiar relaxation and attitude awareness that has been promulgated for decades but seldom executed effectively, illuminates the path to physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual harmony, and gradually evolves into conscious control of gene expression.

Medimaginosis begins with the typical modern human afflicted with a multitude of ailments and neurosis mostly attributable to (or at least aggravated by) stress, and ends with an evolving human being capable of consciously altering both physiological and psychological responses to daily life. Imagine having complete control over of the mind/body instead of the other way around. If practiced consistently, Medimaginosis can make that possible by using our innate ability to communicate internally, bringing mind, body, and soul to a natural balance. Just as we communicate with other people, the mind, body, and soul are in constant communication, and all 55 trillion cells communicate with each other through an incredibly elaborate network. This communication is a two-way street and goes beyond the limits of the physical body.

We all have conscious goals and Medimaginosis creates conditions within the Subconscious for positive progress. First, meditation is employed to establish balance, focus, calm, comfort, and control. Second, imagination is used to manifest positive outcomes in the areas of physical health, emotional fulfillment, financial balance, and spiritual harmony. Third, the profound depth and wisdom of our connection to the Source of all things is tapped for inspiration and information to maximize the use of those talents that will be most helpful in healing all areas of life. Repeated use of this approach will integrate the various parts of life and heal the whole person.

What the mind can conceive and believe it can create. It has been said many times and in many ways but we need to know how to control or direct this uniquely human ability. The conceiving is not usually the problem. We can come up with all kinds of ideas and plans but the hard part is the believing and creating the energy or motivation to power its manifestation. Using Medimaginosis, we convince the Subconscious that it is possible, that we can do it, that it is a worthy objective, and that we are worthy of it. Inspired by Dr. Herbert Benson’s “Faith Factor” and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief,” Medimaginosis goes to the heart of all psychophysiological functions with universal wisdom and energy from the deepest level of self.

Medimaginosis involves relaxation and a process for engaging universal wisdom to provide information, guidance, and positive evolution. We become more relaxed and in tune with our mind, body, and soul. Where we might have automatically reacted to a negative situation with anger or frustration in the past, the practitioner of Medimaginosis will respond calmly and appropriately to each challenge seeking solutions and feeling more confident. We learn to open up the heart, accepting and adapting to the present moment with wisdom and curiosity. It integrates several dimensions of perception, including physical senses, feelings, and experiences as well as dynamic processes that embrace each individual as a whole person, rather than simply identifying them as a mom, teacher, carpenter, smoker, or victim. As opposed to allowing external forces to control us, Medimaginosis connects the mind, body, and soul providing guidance and a catalyst to heal and integrate the various parts of the individual, forming the whole Self from within. One who practices Medimaginosis is never bored or angry for more than an instant.

Medimaginosis enables a better understanding of ourselves as individuals and as an integral part of the universal consciousness. The individual perceptions, thoughts, dreams, and awareness of the person blend together. All aspects are harmoniously integrated and synergistically create a single Self greater than the sum of the various parts. The physical is seen as happy, healthy, vibrant, and radiant. The emotional is peaceful, thankful, and willing to give and to receive love. The financial experiences monetary healing, definition, and is balanced with generosity and financial intelligence. The spiritual energizes and integrates all the parts together as a whole continuous dynamic flow.

Understanding that every mental image directly influences our body, new dimensions of self-mastery or self-sabotage become clear to us. Although an actual or imagined experience may last only a minute, our innate capacity to remember or anticipate the experience may trigger similar mental, emotional, and physiological reactions again and again. Bringing these emotionally charged images to conscious awareness, we learn to creatively and productively control our imagination and even alter memories. We have the power to recall and alter an unpleasant image and return it to memory with positive emotions. Then, when the image is recalled again, it will include the new information and emotions. Anything can happen in the imagination if we choose to allow it. We not only master the psychosomatic symptoms associated with distress and anxiety but also energize and strengthen positive, healing qualities of mind.

Practicing Medimaginosis helps us maintain focus and sustain a healthy mind/body image. When practiced regularly, a healthy diet and activity level just seem to fall into balance as a natural part of the lifestyle. With a healthy mental image, we simply feel like eating properly and in proportion to our activity level without obsessing over it or even giving it any thought at all. We find that both diet and exercise simply fall in line with our image of balance and harmony.

Dr. Andrew Weil teaches us that the mind reacts with the body in ways more creative and complex than we can begin to specify. We cannot separate our physical health from our emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being. All levels are interconnected, and a state of “dis-ease” in the body is often a reflection of conflict, tension, anxiety, or disharmony on other levels of being as well. Anywhere that there are nerves in the body, there is the potential for the mind to go and influence.

Medi – Meditation

Humans have tried to fix their problems with everything from psychotherapy and drugs to positive thinking and politics with only a passing interest in meditation. The great master teachers of meditation have recognized its miraculous potential for centuries and finally, the rest of us are beginning to realize its integral nature. With the recent advances in neurophysiology, scientists are now identifying some of the psychophysiological benefits. They are becoming more and more aware of the minds enormous potential for impacting health and well-being. We are beginning to explore the healing power of meditation to counterbalance a life that is over-stimulated, stressed, and outer-directed by turning to something as simple as our own breath and inner silence. People from executives striving for peak performance, harried mothers needing serenity, and athletes aiming for the “zone,” are finding that meditation can be their best friend.

Meditation practices have existed for thousands of years but in the past few decades, the use of meditation has increased due to the rise of interest in the teachings of Eastern cultures, the stress and anxiety of modern life, and corroborating scientific research. Some people practice for spiritual growth or a way to enlightenment while others use meditation for stress reduction, pain relief, an antidote for disturbing mind states, and as a potent method for enhancing and developing wholesome and helpful states of mind. Meditation allows us to go beyond words and mental concepts. It takes us below the waves where we can observe our thoughts without getting caught up in them making it possible to see and hear clearly the voice of wisdom.

Meditation is directed concentration of focused attention in order to increase awareness, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal growth. Basic meditation is simply a matter of quieting the mind/body with focused attention, preferably on the breath, while more advanced techniques are used to target specific therapeutic needs. We use our breath as a home base because it is always with us and available. We can turn to it not only during our meditation sessions but whenever we wish to calm ourselves, reduce anxiety, tension, nervousness, or out-of-control feelings. Meditation differs from hypnosis in that hypnosis often uses trance techniques that overload, disorganize, and trigger the fight-or-flight mechanism as defined by Dr. John Kappas who, in 1973, defined the profession of hypnotherapy in the Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles. The meditator can enter the same state using stillness of mind and relaxation.

Most meditative techniques started in Eastern religious or spiritual traditions, but modern medicine has found that meditation promotes healing by eliciting the Relaxation Response and is now being used outside of its traditional religious or cultural settings. The spirit or life energy in our breath is our anchor in a turbulent world, and simple meditation techniques can help us drop down into a sense of calm and peace no matter what is going on. Some have used it to reach spiritual enlightenment by connecting to the universal rhythms and as Kabir said, “God is the breath within the breath.” We will be using our breath and meditation to improve the mind/body connection by going deeper into the Subconscious mind to the Control Room of the Unconscious mind-of-the-body and beyond to enlist the help of our own inherent connection to all that we are.

Meditation is basically a process whereby we intentionally slow down brain-wave activity from beta to alpha. Once in this state, we are able to access our Subconscious and alter (or even replace) information if we so choose. When our minds are concentrated and focused, we are able to use our minds more effectively. Meditation allows people to use more of their potential and develop greater self-control. For our purposes, meditation is a simple mental exercise designed to deepen calmness and physical relaxation, gain control of psychophysiological functions, improve psychological balance, and enhance overall health and well-being without the nonsense. We do not go deeply into ourselves to withdraw from the world or strive to reach some exalted or higher state. We do it to enhance the free flow of chi (life force energy or spirit) and to sharpen focus, awareness, and perception of all that is.

Meditation, in one form or another, is found in all cultures and in all religions all over the world. It has survived throughout history because it works. There are hundreds of techniques, and while the forms vary, they all share a common foundation: directed concentration of focused attention. It always involves the intention to focus attention. Like a laser beam we diminish the scope while intensifying the power. We will bypass the fluff often associated with meditation by returning to this foundation and use basic proven techniques.

Meditation makes the simple but momentous shift from doing to being. It slowly but surely strengthens and stabilizes our concentration and awakens us to the present moment. Meditation does not mean sitting in a perfect state of peace while having no thoughts because that is probably not possible or even desirable. It is not spacing out in the endless fog of altered states. That’s a job for the TV. It helps us live a happier, fuller, and a more stress-free life integrating mind, body, and spirit. It is about awakening and embodying wisdom and compassion; establishing a different relationship with our thoughts. Instead of attention being drawn off by whatever thought happens to present itself, in meditation we see our thoughts from a different, more stabilized perspective and then return to our focus. We are training the brain to put its attention where and when we consciously choose. This is very powerful and has profound healing implications for physical and mental health.

Dr. Herbert Benson found that the relaxation response can be used to turn off or at least moderate even a chronic fight-or-flight response and bring the body back to pre-stress levels. Dr. Benson describes the relaxation response as a physical state of deep relaxation which engages the parasympathetic nervous system. The two main branches of the autonomic nervous system (the sympathetic and parasympathetic) need to be balanced and work together. The sympathetic nervous system is necessary to our survival because it enables us to respond quickly with the “defense mode” when there is a threat. When the threat passes, the parasympathetic nervous system is supposed to return the mind/body to “evolve, renew, and repair mode” and a feeling of relaxation and calm. When the sympathetic nervous system is over stimulated, we experience the “fight-or-flight” response, and if this imbalance is allowed to continue for long periods of time or reoccur too frequently, the nervous system gets stuck in high alert or “defense mode” even though there is no immediate threat. Over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system is caused by harmful perceptions and is exacerbated by time restraints, multitasking, and the media’s relentless distorted suggestions that danger lurks around every corner, and that we have dangerous diseases that only the toxic, side-effect laden pills of their sponsors can cure.

Imagi – Imagination

Everything that has become manifest because of humanity, began in the imagination. It can help us set goals, focus intention, change physiology, help imagine possible futures, and help create and activate a plan. It can help us learn about our inner world of feelings, thoughts, and body sensations. We can travel in time and space going anywhere, anytime.

All humans have an imagination; we are born with it, but we all imagine in different ways. All ways of imagining are highly individualized but equally effective and powerful. We visualize, picture, or imagine with any or all of our senses. Some people see with the mind’s eye while others hear, feel, smell, and/or sense the message with equal depth and richness. We do not waste a lot of time and energy trying to imagine in a different way. Each person just needs to notice how they imagine things, accept it, know that it is perfectly ok to do it that way, and develop it.

What we habitually imagine, recall, or think about, such as an affirmation, becomes anchored in the Subconscious, is translated into images wrapped in the emotion of the moment and significantly affects the body. Every cell of the body has an innate intelligence. Cells live together, cooperate, sense each other, and constantly communicate. When we feel depressed or have a bright idea or think we are in danger, our cells join in. If the mind is full of thoughts of danger, the nervous system will prepare to meet that danger by initiating the stress response, a high level of arousal and tension. If we imagine peaceful, relaxing scenes instead, it sends out an “all-clear” signal, and the body relaxes. Consciously controlling those habitual thoughts is the key to controlling the mind/body and gene expression.

We use visualization and imagery to take advantage of the connection between the visual brain and the involuntary nervous system. Because the Subconscious cannot distinguish between an actual event and the same event imagined in great detail, we are able to operate the controls of the Unconscious by consciously creating the desired objective in the mind’s eye and energizing it. When the visual cortex is activated, even without receiving direct input from the eyes, it can influence physical and emotional states and can help elicit changes in the mind/body.

The uniquely human gift of imagination affords us the ability to replace or morph wrong belief and establish worthy objectives. Imagination is a birthright and can change the way we see things, our emotions, the way we feel and perceive reality. It can literally change our physiology. Research has demonstrated a real physical advantage to imagining exercise. Because the Subconscious mind does not differentiate between what is real and what is imagined in vivid detail, a mental muscle workout begins to tone the body. Imagination can make or break our success in goal achievement.

Interactive imagery is a two-way medium of communication between the silent Subconscious mind and the verbal, thinking Conscious mind. It is a conversation or sensory communication with the body, a body part, or a problem by forming an image of it and communicating with it to resolve an issue or improve something. It can be used both to illuminate and recognize patterns that affect our health and to focus energy that can alter those patterns. Interactive imagery helps us become aware of subconscious patterns, needs, and potentials for change while communicating our conscious intentions or requests to our Subconscious mind and all it controls.

We are not usually taught that our bodies are intelligent and that we can communicate with it. We can move our consciousness to any part of the body and carry on a conversation with it. We can form an image of a symptom, feeling, or body part, acknowledge its intelligence, and speak to it, asking it what it needs and be receptive to the answers that come from deep within. Rest assured that the same intelligence that created the body also knows what it needs to be healthy.

Turning a bad thing into a good thing is possible but the world “out there” will not shift until the world “in here” does. With Medimaginosis, we can replace old habits, negative emotions, physical pain, or anything one no longer needs or wants, with a new image of something better. We can redirect emotional energy of bad or unhealthy behavior, and increase the passion to create good or healthy habits, behavior or objectives. The wisdom to answer questions, resolve a dilemma, make a decision, and feel support, is as close as the imagination.

Nosis – Knowledge, Belief, Wisdom, and Perception

Wisdom is often referred to as intuition or our sixth sense and unlike ordinary thoughts or knowledge, wisdom is a silent voice that exists only when the mind is calm.  Natural wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to choose, act, or inspire optimum results with a minimum of time, energy, or thought, but is limited to the human brain. Universal wisdom is the infinite repository of all knowledge everywhere. It is only accessible through our direct connection to the Source of all things.

Intuition is defined as “power of knowing without recourse to reason” and is perceived by inner seeing, inner listening, and inner feeling. It is our sixth sense. It is like hearing a voice that seems to be coming from a faraway room that we cannot see. Medimaginosis allows us to travel to that room and speak to this great phenomenon directly. It facilitates a two-way conversation with our own personal connection to the Source of all wisdom and regularly gives us many growth opportunities.

Perception is our way of regarding, the way that we notice, interpret, think about or understand something using our six senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste, and intuition or wisdom. That leads to belief when confirmed, which becomes Nosis or knowledge. Belief is the blending of perception, wisdom, logic and emotions that provide the power to move an intention or an idea from the imagination to reality. It is the blending of these major components that form the basic structure of our personal beliefs. Through the window of these beliefs, we make sense out of the things going on around us, call it knowledge, and use it to form assumptions about probable future results. A new belief can start out as a theory or an emotional perception that seems to be supported by logic and wisdom, many of which were established in childhood and have outlived their usefulness. Others are leftovers from situations and circumstances that are no longer relevant, but still influence how we evaluate everything in our lives. Perception is everything and with Medimaginosis, we can create new perceptions and alter old ones.

Dr. Herbert Benson demonstrated that, with deep belief, conscious human beings can change the chemical composition of their blood, which in turn regulates genetics, psychophysiology, and behavior (the way we respond to the world). He referred to it as the “Faith Factor” and it was found that we can replace even Inflexible Perceptions. By eliciting the relaxation response in conjunction with deep wisdom and belief, we can bypass the Ego and discover the exciting and powerful forces of the mind. We can take the placebo effect to new highs, but we need worthy concepts to support such belief.

No two people have the same thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions and will evolve in different ways. Even identical twins, born with the same genes, will have very different patterns of gene activity, or gene expression. At age seventy, their bodies can be dramatically different as a result of perceptions and lifestyle choices. Diet, activity, stress, relationships, work, and physical environment can change the way a gene functions, expresses itself, or interacts with other genes. Identical twins that are born with the same DNA will have completely different genetic profiles at age seventy. Their chromosomes do not change but decades of life experience will have caused the activity of their genes to be switched ON and OFF in a mind-boggling myriad of unique patterns. Our beliefs control our genes, and we control our beliefs.

Belief is the absence of doubt and is a mental representation of one’s attitude toward the likelihood or truth of something. Doubt, on the other hand, is the greatest inhibitor of all pursuits. Where there is doubt, there is hesitation and timid progress, but where we are sure of our beliefs and self, we move forward with commitment. No matter what the undertaking, if we can suspend the DISBELIEF, we can succeed at anything. The greater the belief, the greater the probability of success.

Belief driven emotion powers behavior, affects gene expression, and supplies the energy to act. To create and control this power, we first need to take control of our thoughts and define our goals as worthy and true. Thoughts create emotions just as emotions create thoughts. We determine a worthy objective, decide where we are going, what we want to do, and then think the thoughts that will create the emotions needed to move in that direction at the desired speed and intensity. One can become a servant to their subconscious thoughts and emotions, but controlled thoughts and emotions become our servants. We need to learn to manage our mind, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, or they will manage us.

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